Top tips to get your boiler working again!

It has finally started..  the cold weather and freezing mornings have starting to come in and your boiler is not heating the house up!
A house with no heating is seriously dangerous, just take the pensioner in Liverpool who is now seriously ill after having no heating for 3 days, Full Story Here

We would never recommend you to try and fix the boiler your self, this is highly dangerous and you should always call a gas safe registered engineer, who should be out within 24 hours.

However there are some things to check which may be the reason for your heating not being on.

Top tips :

  • Check the power supply is switched on, at the start of summer many households will turn this off, this may be on the boiler.
  • Make sure the boiler pressure is around 1.5 bar. ( check in your boiler instruction manual on how to re-pressurise your boiler )
  • Reset your timer, you may want the heating to come on earlier in the day than the summer months
  • Make sure the thermostat is turned up and someone hasn’t turned it right down!

If you do have any further questions about your boiler, or if it simply won’t work, give us a call 0800 61 22 302.