Why you should switch away from your old boiler today

As we approach the winter months you’ll be wary of heating bills slowly rising.

You may not be aware that simply switching your boiler and having a new one installed will save you between £300 to £700 a year depending on what size of property you live in and the current state of your existing boiler

Many people don’t think about replacing their boiler, primarily due to the logic ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ or because having a new boiler installed means high upfront costs.

However what if that old boiler of yours was to break tomorrow? This issue would have to be addressed, why wait for the boiler to break when we can provide you with the perfect solution today.

Here at BoilerPlan UK we offer the latest ‘new condensing’ boilers that achieve an efficiency rating of 89% and higher, but what exactly does that mean? This table should offer you with some assistance:


Annual fuel costs with different boiler types (source: Sedbuk)
Boiler type Efficiency Flat Bungalow Terraced Semi-detached Detached
Old gas heavy weight 55% £779 £1020 £1062 £1204 £1705
Old gas light weight 65% £659 £863 £898 £1019 £1442
New non-condensing 78% £549 £719 £749 £849 £1202
New condensing 89% £481 £630 £656 £744 £1053

These figures are based on a gas unit price of 4.36p per kWh (April 2013)


Your next step

Take a look at which boiler you currently have in your house then give us a ring and we’ll be able to advise you on exactly how much money you’ll be able to save each month with us. Remember we will install the boiler for you for no upfront cost and you then pay a monthly rate to even out the cost of installing the boiler.

In some cases your gas saving every month, as seen in the table above, can go a large way to paying for your monthly payment for your new boiler.