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What type of boiler do you currently have?

Combi Boiler

You can tell if you have no water tank in your loft or airing cupboard.

Regular Boiler

If you have a separate hot water tank and a cold water tank in your loft.

Back Boiler

Your boiler will be located behind your fireplace.

System Boiler

If you have a hot water tank but no cold water tank in your loft.

No Central Heating

If you don’t have heating or radiators.

Combi Boiler

Combi boiler (provide instanst hot water and heating, without any water tanks)

Regular Boiler

Regular Boiler (you'll have a hot water cylinder, separate cold water tank and a boiler. These are also called a Regular, Conventional or Traditional boilers)

Back Boiler

Back Boiler (your boiler is behind your electric, gas or fuel fire)

System Boiler

System Boiler (you'll have a hot water storage cylinder but no separate cold water tank)

No Boiler

Don't currently have central heating