Energy Saving Tips – Part 2

Hopefully you have started to think about implementing the changes from the previous article. This week we give you another two tips to start saving you money without having to spend anything!

1)   Switching electricity suppliers

This does depend on your contract length but you will be surprised with how much you can actually save by switching energy providers. Many people make the mistake of staying with the same energy provider that previous tenants in a house used, it may take a bit of time but there is always great deals to be had out there, especially for customers looking to switch!

Step 1We would recommend using one of the following websites to compare the prices:

Step 2choose an online tariff

By doing this you can manage your account online and supply your meter readings, this means it saves the supplier the cost of sending someone out to you and this saving should get passed onto you.

Step 3– team together and collectively switch!

This is basically where consumers group together and so increase their bargaining power to negotiate lower tariffs. You normally register online for this; a reverse auction then takes place, which is won by the energy company offering the lowest tariff, obviously you can switch on your own and still get good savings, but collectively switching can lead you to getting even better savings!


2)   Get a free home check

Find out what home improvements are needed in your house with a free home energy check from the Energy Saving Trust. Don’t worry its completely free and takes under 10 minutes, it could save you to £250 a year!
You will receive a personalised report on your home; simply log on using the link below!