A new boiler installation will pay for itself with savings on gas bills and unnecessary additional boiler cover

Too good to be true? No it’s true, by installing a new A+rated energy efficient boiler you will save on your monthly gas bills, and as all of our boilers come with a free manufacturer backed warranty, there is no need to take out additional boiler cover, insurance or maintenance plans.

To show how this works we have used an example customer:

Steven Ellis from Newcastle, pays £30 boiler cover per month which includes:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Service

The free Boiler Plan boiler warranty includes:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Call outs
  • Labour

By getting a new combi boiler installed by Boiler Plan, Steven can cancel his monthly boiler cover, saving him £30 per month straightaway!

Plus, as Steven’s old combi boiler was around 15 years old, by installing a new A+ rated boiler into his detached home, he will save an average of £29.16 per month / a whopping £350 per year (source: energy saving trust).

The Boiler Plan Package

For Steven, we installed a Worcester boiler with a 7 year warranty, payable over 120 months at a fixed rate of 5.9% APR, costing him just £27 per month, including:

  • All parts and fittings (including flue)
  • Worcester Bosch combi boiler
  • 7 year warranty on the boiler
  • A full chemical flush of his system
  • Sludge filter
  • Magnetic filter, to keep this system water clean and clear
  • Wireless programmable room thermostat

The maths part – Steven’s boiler paid for itself and he is set to save up to £32 per month (£386 per year)!

After monthly savings on additional cover and gas usage and bills, the actual cost of Steven boiler installation was zero, it more than paid for itself, see the breakdown below!

  • Steven saved £30 per month (£360 per year) on boiler cover that he no longer needed
  • Steven saved around £29 per month (£348 per year) on his gas bills through his more efficient A+ rated boiler
  • Steven’s new boiler including warranty cover cost £27.16 per month (£350 per year) with Boiler Plan UK
  • Therefore the actual cost to Steven after his savings was nothing! In fact, he is still set to save up to £32 per month (£386 per year)!

If you are currently paying for boiler insurance, cover or a maintenance plan, you will too save money with a new boiler installed by Boiler Plan.  Why not request a quote and let us show you how much better off you could be too!

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