Energy Saving Tips – Part 3

So far you should have made a few changes to your home, and started to get closer to being an energy efficient household, which means you save money each year!

1)   Energy Efficient Appliances

The phrase I’m sure you have heard thrown about pretty frequently is buying new energy efficient appliances. The truth is they can over a course of the year save you a lot of money, some are a lot more important than others.

The top 3 appliances with the energy saving labels, we would recommended are:

  • Energy Efficient Microwaves
  • Energy Efficient Kettles – they use 20% less energy, a lot of money if you enjoy a cup of tea, or several!
  • Energy Saving Plugs – The good thing about these is that you can set them on timers, to turn on and off.

Have a look around before purchasing as most shops normally have some good deals on these products.

2)   Cavity Wall Insulation

Houses built before the 1990s, are likely to have a gap in between the walls, known as cavity.
What cavity insulation does is simply fill the gap between the bricks.

During the winter months, the cavity insulation simply keeps the warm air in, thus meaning less heat is needed to keep your house warm and reducing your gas bills.

The important bit:

England, Scotland and Wales ( Source energy saving trust)

Building Detached Semi detached Mid terrace Bungalow Flat
Annual saving  £250  £145  £95  £100  £75
Installation cost  £720  £475  £370  £430  £330
Payback time 5 Years or fewer
Carbon dioxide saving per year  1040kg  600kg  395kg  410kg  325kg


So in regards to the cavity insulation, its clear to see that from a financial point of view, its worth doing, if you plan on being in your home for the next 5+ years.

Stay tuned for more energy saving tips from Boiler Plan!