Energy Saving Tips – Part 1

As the weather gets colder we are releasing our top two tips every week to save on your gas bill, rather than giving you a long list we are going to make this a manageable process for everyone!

1)    Switching off all appliances

Typical costs by leaving appliances on stand by:

– Wireless broadband router 13.5Watts= 118kWh/yr= £24/yr

– Satellite/Cable TV box 40.0Watts= 350kWhr/yr=£70/yr

– Mobile phone/laptop charger 15.0Watts= 131kWh/yr= £26/yr

– 42inch Plasma TV 21.0Watts= 184 kWh/yr= £37/yr

That’s a total of £157.00 and that’s only for 4 appliances in your home, the list goes on and on. The best thing to do is simply un plug an appliance when you are not using it.

Also when purchasing new appliances keep an eye out for the energy saving features that they have built in, many can turn them selves off which save you a great deal of energy.


Read your meter frequently

Avoid estimated bills at all costs, although it may be easier than recording your readings down, every supplier use this to their advantage and will normally estimate it higher than it is, which naturally you pay.

We would say to check your meter once every three months at the least or set up an online account. In some cases you will be in credit with your gas bill, if your provider kicks up a fuss, simply quote ‘condition 27 of the Gas Supply Licence’. This states that credits must be refunded.

The likes of British Gas, E-on all have this feature to submit your readings and you will normally need your account number to register. You will find this process a lot easier to manage when you have everything online.


Let us know how your energy saving goes!