How we use cookies.

We use cookies to operate our website and to improve your experience of using our website. Cookies are used to record when you have visited our website, what pages you have look at, what products you have looked at and any interactions you have had with our contact forms and online quote tool.
Cookies can be dropped onto any web enabled device such as desktop computers, laptop, tablets and mobiles. The cookie is a simple and anonymous text file that stores information on your device and shares this information with only.
We only use cookies which are necessary to keep our website properly. They do not gather information about you but simply recording if you have visited our website before and what your preferences are, plus any information relating to third party advertising sources that you have interacted with.

How to turn off cookies.

If you don’t want our cookies to be stored on your device you can:
1) Delete cookies from your hard drive
2) Set your website browser to block cookies
3) Change the settings in your browser to notify you before any cookies are dropped

By turning off cookies you may not be able to use the full functionality of our website.