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Boiler repair & servicing

Our helpful team of Gas Safe registered engineers cover everything from annual boiler services to one-off repairs.

We’re here to help make sure your boiler is operating efficiently, safely and won’t let you down over the winter months with our annual boiler service.

Boiler on the blink and looking for a one-off repair? Our team of local expert engineers can be with you within 24 hours for emergency call-outs and we will get your boiler up and running again in no time. 

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Annual boiler service

Your boiler is an essential part of the home and to keep it healthy you should have your boiler serviced annually to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently. Regular boiler servicing helps to monitor and preserve the reliability of your boiler, increasing it’s lifespan and reduces the likelihood of costly repairs further down the line.

If your boiler is within it’s manufacturer warranty period and you choose not to service your boiler annually you will forfeit the warranty.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help for a one-off price of only £60 or spread the cost and pay just £5 per month!

What we will do as part of the annual service:

  • Check for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks
  • Boiler controls are checked
  • Gas rate and pressure tests are done
  • A visual inspection is done of internal components
  • A combustion test is done using a Flue Analyser
  • Safety devices are checked
  • A visual inspection of water and gas pipework
  • A visual inspection of electrical connections
  • A visual inspection of seals
  • Our engineers will identify any corrosion or leaks, as well as cleaning boiler parts


We recommend having your boiler serviced during the Summer to ensure your boiler is healthy and ready for the tough Winter months ahead!

For annual service enquiries, call 0800 61 22 302

Your Annual Service

Enquire about a service with our expert Gas Safe engineers.

One-off boiler repair

Our team of local Gas Safe registered engineers can complete both non-emergency and emergency repairs at a low cost. We never use subcontractors and for emergency repairs we’ll get out to you within 48 hours.

Our repairs are a fixed rate of just £72 for the first hour, if we can fix your boiler within the hour that’s all you’ll be charged. Any additional hours are charged at a reduce rate of £40 per hour, plus any parts (if required) will be charged at RRP (list price).

We understand when a boiler is on the blink it’s the worst feeling in the world, which is why we want to help and get you up and running again in no time. Call us on 0800 61 22 302 and we’ll arrange for an engineer to come out to you as quickly as possible.

For one-off boiler repairs, call 0800 61 22 302

One-off boiler repairs

Enquire about a one-off Boiler Repair today.

If you need to have your boiler repaired, there are a number of factors to take into account before you make the final decision.

In general, it will cost less to repair a newer boiler than an older one, as parts for a boiler over 10 years old are increasingly hard to come by – which means finding and buying them costs a lot more.

Prices for boiler repairs can also vary depending on the make and model of your boiler, how the boiler is fitted and the cause of the fault that’s occurred.

And the cost of fixing your boiler depends on what the issue actually is – as a general rule of thumb, major repairs, such as replacing a heat exchanger, can cost upwards of £400. Smaller repairs such as replacing a fan, gas valve or printed circuit board will usually cost around £150.

Should you replace or repair your boiler?

While your first instinct when your boiler has an issue might be to repair it, this might actually end up being more expensive in the long run. Similarly, if you’re faced with a major issue with your boiler and you’re wondering if you should just replace it, this might not always be necessary.

  • Less than 10 years old
  • Has been generally reliable
  • No longer energy efficient
  • Replacement parts are rare

Signs of trouble

There are a number of indicators that your need to sort your boiler out; we’ve listed some of the key ones below to help you spot problems.
Stop using your boiler and get it checked as soon as possible if:

  • Yellow flame visible
  • Odd smells when boiler is running
  • General wear and tear
  • Leaking from unit
  • Radiators take a long time to get warm
  • Noisy boiler or system
  • Bills are increasing
  • Needs repairing frequently

Saving on bills

An older non-condensing boiler starts off at 80–85% efficiency, but may drop as low as 50% after years of use. Whereas a new combi boiler with a smart thermostat can achieves over 90% efficiency.

This means for every £100 you spend on gas, you could be wasting over £40 just on running an inefficient boiler. This mounts up quickly, along with increasing repair costs, so make sure you calculate carefully when deciding whether to repair or replace.

New boiler costs

A new A+ energy efficient boiler will often pay for itself in savings. The Energy Saving Trust says “If you replace your old model with an A-rated boiler and set of heating controls you could save about £340 (£28.33 per month) and 1,500kg of carbon monoxide a year”.

With prices starting from £18.78 & no deposit to pay, you’ll be paying less in gas bills when compared to an old inefficient boiler and your new boiler could even pay for itself!

Example quote

Boiler Plan BP31HE Combi fitted to a 3-bed semi that currenty has a regular boiler.

 Cost (inc VAT)  £1,699
 Monthly payment with NO Deposit  £18.78 per month*
 Buy now Pay later option?  Yes
 Other payment periods?  120 months
 Includes all extras  Yes
 Money-back guarantee  Yes
*Over 120 months with 5.9% APR. Other options – 36, 48, 60 or 120 months – are available upon request.
new boiler

No hidden costs


10-year warranty option


Quick installation

Why Boiler Plan?

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