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Your Health Check Survey

Open to new and existing customers, all cover care plans are subject to a boiler/heating system Health Check Survey with one of our expert engineers to establish the condition of the boiler and heating system to ensure it is safe and can be covered, this survey is chargeable at £60, however if you take out a care plan this will be refunded.

What we will do during the initial Health Check:

  • Inspect the entire structure of your flue
  • Check your boiler is igniting properly
  • Test your boiler, heating and hot water
  • Test your controls
  • Test the efficiency of your boiler


To take out our heating and boiler cover:

1. You must live in your own home (not a rented or sub-divided property) in the UK (excluding NI, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man)
2. Your home must be heated by natural gas and can’t be used for business purposes
3. Your boiler must also pass the health check we carry out to make sure it’s safe.


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Selecting boiler cover can be a confusing decision to make.
If you’re not sure about anything or have questions that need answering, take a look at our FAQs section.

What happens once I have taken out my plan?

Once you’ve signed up to a Boiler Plan Cover Package you are immediately covered.

Over the next month we may need to come out to check that the boiler is working well and is safe. On the rare occasions that it is not safe, you might need to pay for some repairs to bring the boiler up to standard (or you can cancel). If you are switching from another provider, we don’t need to visit.

What do I get if I'm eligible?

If you are eligible for a heating grant that means we can install a new boiler or central heating system under the ECO3 Scheme. You’ll need to book free no obligations survey with us, so we can ensure your home is suitable for improvements.

Who qualifies for a free boiler?

Providing you meet the benefit criteria outlined above, Boiler Plan can arrange a free, no-obligation survey in your local area. Even if you do not qualify for a grant, our engineers can talk you through energy efficient boiler options and payment plans for your home and budget. 

Do you replace my boiler?

If you qualify for the Boiler grant scheme then we will replace your boiler.

How much does a new boiler cost?

We think the price of a new boiler plus installation will range anywhere from £1700 – £3500; depending on how much work is required.

You can read more here:

How do I know I'm eligible for the Central Heating Scheme?

A great indicator of being eligible for a central heating grant is if you have radiators or not. If you don’t have them in your home you’ll likely be eligible as long as you have one of the benefits listed above. 

Will I still have to pay?

Under the Governments ECO Scheme in 2019, qualifying homeowners could have their old inefficient boilers replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised.


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