Boiler Cover

We’ve summarised a recent boiler cover article from MoneySaving Expert to highlighted the problems that many people are facing.

They mention how the likes of British Gas, EDF are pushing many people into breakdown cover using the fear of losing heat or hot water. Naturally you don’t want to take that risk, and understandably numerous people across the UK are paying £20 or more for their boiler cover.

The worst thing from our opinion and from what we hear from numerous customers is the fact that some of the time the insurance providers will try and find a loophole to get out of fixing a boiler.
Most recently a customer was told because their hot water is working, the insurance providers would not come and fix the boiler even though they have no heating in the house.

There are many people who have got the right boiler cover and it works out well for them, but there are too many people who have faced problems with their boiler cover.
Most recently Homeserve have been fined £30.6 million for mis-selling insurance to their customers, so it makes it difficult for customers to trust a company selling boiler cover when one of the biggest insurance providers is being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What we offer :

We like to do things differently to the norm, when you buy a boiler from us we give you free Boiler Cover so it costs £0 per month!:

Our terms are as follows :

  •  No charge for parts
  • No charge for a call out
  • No charge if a new boiler is put in

At Boiler Plan we don’t like nasty surprises so we don’t give them to you, what we say is what you will get.

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