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Protecting your heating against any unforeseen and expensive repairs, with our all-inclusive cover – you’ll never have to sit in the cold again. You can get complete peace of mind with our range of cover options starting from just £10 per month!

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Selecting boiler cover can be a confusing decision to make.
If you’re not sure about anything or have questions that need answering, take a look at our full FAQ section.

How long does it take to sign up?

It only takes minutes to sign up, we will then send an engineer to check out your existing system and you are good to go!

How long is the contract for?

All our contracts are 12 months long commencing on the start date of your service contract or if you elect to renew your service contract over the 12 period of 12 months commencing on the renewal date. Your contract will automatically renew unless you tell us differently, so you will have no worries of your cover lapsing and having to pay expensive repair bills. We have got your back!

What happens once I have taken out my plan?

Your service contract starts the day you choose to start the plan, we will send you all of the information you need once your plan is live.

What if I already have a home emergency plan or home cover elsewhere?

There’s nothing to worry about if you have cover elsewhere, if you wish to cancel your cover with your existing provider you would need to contact them to find out what their cancellation policy is, however we can take you on to our cover plan at anytime, even if you have cover elsewhere.

What are your response times?

We have a large workforce of highly trained, gas safe engineers and will always attempt to get out to you at the earliest possible opportunity, this would usually be within 24 hours. During extremely busy times, this might not always be possible, but we will always keep you informed and prioritise you as or cover plan customer.

Can I buy Boiler Plan Packages if I rent or let my property?

Yes, absolutely. Landlords will need a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate CP12 but we will do this for you as part of your landlord cover plan if your system meets our criteria. Your tenants can then just call us directly and we will deal with their issue, saving you time and money.

What types of property do you cover?

Our cover plans will protect most types of properties that are homes, as long as you live in it or rent it out to someone else.

Can I sign up today but choose a future date for my cover to start?

Yes, you can select the date that you would like your cover to start and which type of pack it is you want. We will need to pop out and do a system inspection and boiler service before we can take you on cover.