Which boiler brand should you buy?

For many people finding out which specific boiler to have in your home, can be a difficult decision.

This is why we have used our 35 years experience to give our top 4 boiler brands out there at the moment, so when you next go to replace your boiler you will have a better idea of the make of boiler you want and one you can rely on

Worcester Bosch 

A company that has been running since 1960, have grown to become experts in the boiler industry. With Worcester Bosch you are likely to find their boilers at the top end of the price spectrum, nether the less the quality of these boilers cannot be denied.


The Valliant group operates in over 20 countries. You are likely to find these boilers as the cheapest out of these four we have recommended, however their boiler’s still provide top efficiency ratings.


Manufacturing in the UK since 1866, Baxi know how to make the best boilers, their price range is also in the same bracket as Worcester Bosch, but quality is once again guaranteed.


Here at Boiler Plan, Ideal boilers are the most popular boilers, they give great value for money and just like the other boilers listed give a top efficiency performance.