Is My Annual Boiler Service Necessary?

Boilers are a necessity, especially in our lovely British weather, but they can often cause more trouble than its worth. With breakdowns and repairs, the bills can pile up! Notably, the annual boiler service. But if the boiler isn’t broken, does it really need to be serviced? YES! There’s many reasons for this; below we delve into the top reasons why you should never skip that annual boiler service !

Six good reasons to have an annual boiler service…

Safety First – CO can Kill!

Carbon Monoxide, AKA “The Silent Killer”, is highly poisonous, but it is also clear and scentless meaning you can’t easily spot it! However, a Gas Safe Registered engineer can check this safely for you using a flue gas analyser to show that your boiler is performing correctly, keeping you and your family safe. To find out more about Carbon Monoxide, head over to the HSE website.

Reduce Heating CostsBurning cash image

A boiler service ensures that the engine of your heating system is working efficiently, meaning you can save money on your heating bills! The engineer will make sure that your boiler is set correctly, resulting in you not having to pay for any extra gas that you aren’t using!


Valid Home Insurance?

If you skip your annual boiler service, you won’t receive your Gas Safety Certificate. Hence, touch wood, should you ever have a fire in the house caused by the boiler, if you don’t have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate, your home insurance won’t cover the costs in most circumstances!

Maintain Your Warranty experienced installers

If your boiler comes with 10 year warranty, brilliant! But make sure you check the small print.  In most cases, your warranty is only valid if you get your boiler serviced annually. Meaning, if you skip out on the yearly check-up, you won’t be covered for future breakdowns or repairs. Here at Boiler Plan, we don’t do this to catch you out, its because we understand the importance of getting your annual boiler service.


“Prevention Is Better Than a Cure”

We have all heard the old phrase, but it’s true! Getting your boiler serviced regularly means that faults can be spotted early on. Therefore, not only can they be fixed easier, they will be quicker and cheaper too; meaning less impact on your life!

Peace of Mind

The engineer will carry out a number of safety checks so you know that everything is working the way it should be, enabling you to sleep knowing you and your family are safe!

Make sure your Engineer is approved by the Gas Safe Register! Here at Boiler Plan UK, all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered, meaning they are on the UK’s official registration of qualified and safe engineers.