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What to do when a tradesman works on your home

Here at Boiler Plan, our team of boiler engineers are always on hand to help - providing expert services promptly and efficiently - but we know welcoming maintenance people into the home can sometimes be a little awkward.

We’ve put together a guide for our customers who are looking for some pointers on how to provide a working environment that’ll ensure the job gets done quickly and well without incident.

Engineer coming to home to do a quality and efficient job

Offer tea and snacks

When engineers attend homes - sometimes multiple a day with long journeys and hard work in between - they don’t expect anything at all, but a simple brew and a biscuit can really make someone’s day. If you want to make your maintenance person feel appreciated, and break the ice while they spend extended time working in your home, why not share a cuppa together?

Tradesman installing or repairing projects in your home

Allow them to use the facilities

It’s always best to make your maintenance person feel welcome to avoid any awkwardness. To avoid engineers working in uncomfortable conditions or needing to leave the premises throughout a job, we suggest letting your maintenance person know they’re welcome to use the bathroom. This will keep working time down and get those important repairs done quickly and effectively.

Tradesman performing work on a home

Give them space

While pets and children can be curious, it’s important that engineers can work in peace, so make sure they have enough space to do their job safely and effectively and give them the room they need to work without distraction. Equally, don’t worry about leaving your engineer alone to do his or her thing - you’re welcome to go and relax while the repairs are made.

Keep your home clean woman and daughter doing laundry

Keep it clean

More often than not, maintenance people will be working on the most awkward and out-of-sight components of your home, such as your boiler, appliances, or plumbing. It’s worth having a check before they get to work if there’s going to be anything in the way - if possible, de-clutter the working space and give it a quick wipe down so no time is wasted cleaning up before work can begin - our engineers will definitely be doing the cleaning themselves afterwards.

Tradesman talking to customer about quick and efficient work

Don’t be a chatterbox

While it’s lovely to have an initial conversation and greet each other politely, once work begins it’s likely your engineer is in the zone. Constant or long conversations can be distracting whilst working, so it’s best to let your maintenance person get to work if you’re wanting the job done quickly and efficiently. A few check-ups and offering of brews is perfect - but always keep it professional.


There you have it, the right way to be a decent human being when a tradesman comes over to do work on your home. If you need any gas work done to your property our engineers are a lovely bunch of hard-working and friendly people, you can meet some of the team here already.