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Smart thermostats explained

Here at Boiler Plan, we provide our customers with a free smart thermostat with every combi boiler installation. But, what exactly are they and can they save you money? We take a look.

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What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats can do everything your bog-standard thermostat does, but they've been upgraded & updated with power of digital technology. They are connected to your central heating system via the internet and will let you change the temperature, or switch your heating off, via your smartphone, tablet or smart device - you can do this when you're in or out of the house.

Don't get confused with smart meters, as energy firms use them to check your energy usage without you having to give a manual meter reading every month or year.

Your smart thermostat will need to be installed by a certified electrician or gas safe registered engineer, so please do not install your own thermostat - unless specified by the manufacturer.

How does a smart thermostat connect to a boiler?

Smart thermostats usually come in three main parts: a hub, receiver, and smart control system. The hub can be plugged into your router or can be wirelessly connected, the receiver is then hard wired to your boiler. This will then connect your boiler to the internet so it can be controlled remotely via the smart control system.

As it's connected to the internet, you can also set, adjust and turn off the heating when you’re home or away.

Do smart heating controls save money?

When used to their potential, a smart thermostat will absolutely save you money in the long run, as they can be used to easily and more conveniently control heating within your home. Being 100% in control of your heating means you decrease the amount of wasted heat being produced, so you'll only be paying for the heat that you want to use. 

Yes, smart controls will save you money, but there's not a "one-size-fits-all" with an estimate of how much it will save you - as homes and household usage are always different. But, the majority of users can expect to save 10-20% on their current household heating bill - this can increase the more you become an expert at using the eco features associated with your chosen smart thermostat.

If you're interested in saving more on your heating bills you can read our energy-saving tips.

Free Honeywell Lyric Smart thermostat with every combi boiler at Boiler Plan

As part of your new combi boiler install, you’ll also receive a cutting edge Honeywell smart thermostat to help take the hassle out of heating your home.

And at Boiler Plan, you can get a brand-new combi boiler from only £1,549!

With finance options available, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a brand-new energy efficient boiler.

Just a few clicks and you could be getting:

  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Up to 10 years Manufacturer Warranty
  • A Free Smart Thermostat
  • Flue Kit worth £100 rrp
  • Magnetic Filter worth up to £100 rrp

As part of your install, our experts will show you how to use your new thermostat and answer any questions you may have.

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Honeywell Lyric T6R Smart Thermostat

We’d like to introduce you to the Honeywell Lyric T6R. Which comes free with every combi boiler installation from Boiler Plan.

  • Other thermostats often need to be fixed to a wall, but the T6R is a wireless thermostat that can be placed anywhere for better visibility and usability – just make sure it’s connected to power.
  • The Smart thermostat comes with a free app to control your heating via your phone or tablet and can be used to schedule heating for your usual routine days.
  • The Honeywell is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit – so you can control your heating using only your voice. 
  • It also has geofencing capabilities, so your phone will send a notification to your boiler to turn on when you get a certain distance from your house – so you’ll never have to walk into a cold home ever again.

If you’ve never used or owned smart controls before, the Honeywell Lyric T6R is the perfect device to start you off on your journey to smarter living.

tado° smart thermostat

Always have your home at the perfect temperature, tado° is your climate assistant and controls your heating so you don’t have to. 

  • No matter where you are - at home or on the go - the intuitive smartphone app enables you to control your heating at any time from anywhere, more comfortably and efficiently than ever before.
  • tado° also lets you control various rooms in your home individually, plus you can take care of your home climate without you having to lift a finger. Control your heating with your voice, using Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri.
  • If smart speakers aren't your thing, then their newly designed app is it a must, as it's now more simple and intuitive to use than ever before.

Nest Learning Thermostat

For those that integrate digital technology in your daily life then the Nest learning smart thermostat will be a perfect addition to your home. 

  • One of the best features the Nest has is its unique AI learning ability. This means the more you use it, the more it learns about you and your heating habits, and as time goes by you’ll have to interact with it less and less – as it will automatically and efficiently heat your home.
  • Nest understands that life can sometimes get in the way and you’ll be forced to change your daily routine. Be safe in the knowledge that when situations like this arise (as long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer handy) you’ll be able to fully control your heating when you’re out and about, thanks to the Nest app.
  • If you already have smart home capabilities, the Nest will work in tandem with other smart home kits such as Amazon Alexa, or Google Home – which means you’ll be able to control your heating with just your voice.

We offer the Nest thermostat as an optional upgrade during install, and we recommend this product to the more advanced users.