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How do I remove airlock in pipes?

Airlock in pipes must be cleared to keep your radiators working properly. Find out how to complete this job at home with our complete guide below! 

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What is an airlock in pipes? 

Air trapped in the central heating system causes airlocks. This blockage prevents the flow of hot water throughout the system. 

You may be aware of an airlock in your home either by the radiators not heating/sufficiently, or if you turn on your taps and water doesn’t come out or it splutters.

Is an airlock dangerous?  

If you’re experiencing an airlock, don’t panic!

There's very little risk of danger but an airlock will cause your radiators not to heat up properly. Therefore, you will sacrifice comfort and practicality the longer you leave this issue untreated.

If the only symptom of an airlock you're experiencing is radiators not heating up properly you may just need to bleed your radiators - a small fix for a simple non-threatening issue.

Radiators Not Heating Up?

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If your radiators aren’t heating up, you may need to seek help from an engineer.

Our Boiler Plan Gas Safe experts will point out any work that needs to be carried out, they'll also provide a fixed price repair quote.

With our 24 hour emergency repair and 95% first time fix rate, we’ll have your heating up and running again in no time.

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How to remove an airlock in your pipes 

Fixing an airlock can be a complicated process for an inexperienced engineer or someone with little knowledge of your central heating system. You can attempt the job but make sure you have consulted a comprehensive guide beforehand. 

The easiest way to clear airlocks is to attach a hosepipe between the hot and cold tap at a sink (you can use duct tape to connect the pipe to the tap).

You just need to turn the cold on for a few seconds and let the water flow through the pipe straight from that cold tap into the hot one, turn off and repeat the process 5-8 times. This should be enough to clear the airlock in your central heating system.

If the process above is unsuccessful at removing the airlock in the hot water cylinder, there is another method you can try!

  1. Turn off water at the mains.
  2. Turn on all your taps until water has stopped flowing.
  3. Flush all the toilets in your home until no water is left.
  4. Now, turn your taps back on only very slightly (so water would just trickle through)
  5. Now, turn the water supply back on.
  6. Go around the house and turn all taps halfway on. Then go back around and turn them on full again.

This should have now gotten rid of any trapped air. If this process also fails, please contact one of our engineers. They may need to perform a chemical flush on your heating system.

If you are unsure of anything, don't risk damaging your central heating system. Enlist the help of a professional for quality repairs.

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