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How to Maintain Central Heating as a Landlord

Find out the best ways to maintain central heating as a landlord to save money and keep your properties safe for tenants.

Care plans from only £6 per month

How to maintain central heating as a landlord

As a landlord, you are only permitted to rent a property, by law, if it scores at least an E energy efficiency rating in its EPC (energy performance certificate). To attain this, the central heating system in all of your properties must be well maintained and efficient.

Maintaining central heating for your tenants should be a priority to keep them happy with your services, prevent any issues and save money. There are several tips you can employ both as a quick fix and for the long term.

Landlords must have all gas appliances (including your boiler) inspected every year as part of their legally required gas safety check. You must also be aware of your responsibilities throughout a tenancy in terms of gas safety and upkeep. 

Upon purchasing one of our Landlord boiler service plans, you no longer have to be the middleman. Your tenants can contact our customer services team to resolve any issues with the system.

Replacing a boiler is a costly affair, avoid this expense by taking steps beyond your annual safety check to care for the unit. 

Have the boiler serviced regularly

In every property you own, including your own, it is incredibly important to have your boiler serviced regularly. Not only does it give reassurance of safety and functionality, it also saves a lot of money in the long run. Servicing picks up on any issues before they become hugely expensive boiler repairs

Servicing costs can be made more manageable and give you peace of mind when you opt for one of our landlord care plans. From just £5 a month, you can receive a service, carbon monoxide test and your landlord gas safety record and certificate. By advertising this service on listings will also make your property more desirable to tenants.

Take the worry out of repairs with a Boiler Plan Care Plan

With a chemical flush costing anywhere between £300 and £700, it’s worth protecting your boiler against this and any other unforeseen and expensive maintenance and repair work. With our range of affordable care plans, you’ll never have to sit in the cold again.

Whatever plan you choose, each comes with an annual service to ensure your system is fully maintained and ready to keep your home reliably warm.

Choose from:

  • Service PlanBoiler service every year to ensure it’s working correctly
  • Gold PackageIncludes: 3 call outs per year, annual service, carbon monoxide test.
  • Platinum PackageIncludes: Unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, repairs to the entire heating system, £500 towards a replacement boiler.
  • Boiler Plan Plus Package -For those with a Boiler still in warranty. Includes: Unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, repairs to the rest of your entire heating system.
Take out a care plan

Have the boiler in your properties cleaned

Cleaning the inside of a boiler to beat dust build-up may boost its longevity - saving a great expense when you own more than one property. However, do not undertake this job yourself as it can be dangerous, instead have it carried out by a gas engineer.

Additionally, ensure that the cupboard the boiler is stored in across your properties is kept clean in order for the unit to be well ventilated and thus work effectively.

Bleed the radiators 

Another way to keep your central heating system in great working order is bleeding the radiators in a property. It is typically up to the landlord whether they wish to carry this out themselves (it is a relatively simple job) or for the tenants to. 

Read our full guide to how to bleed your radiators if you are unsure of the process.

Deal with any issues that arise promptly

This one is a given with any repairs in general for landlords, beyond gas and energy. To be a reputable landlord you need good reviews and hence, happy tenants. In the field of gas, dealing with problems quickly demonstrates to your tenants that you value their health and safety.

Fit a carbon monoxide test in all properties

As we all know, carbon monoxide is a dangerous and fatal gas and must be checked for in all buildings that use gas. A carbon monoxide test is included in all of our Landlord boiler cover plans; from the £6 a month service plan, to the gold and platinum package.

Read your boiler pressure

Checking the pressure of your boiler gives an immediate indication of how efficiently it is running and you can act to correct any lack or excess of pressure. Read our guides on how to get a pressure reading as well as how to then lower and fix boiler pressure.

Maintain the central heating system throughout the winter

In the colder months, we see a large increase in requests and queries around keeping central heating working efficiently. 

Landlords have a legal responsibility to keep all properties at an E energy rating or above, otherwise they must spend up to £3,500 on improving the efficiency of a property.

To ensure you have year-round cover without constantly being on call out to tenants, we suggest you choose one of our landlord boiler cover plans to protect the central heating system against unforeseen and expensive repairs. It also means local engineers are on hand to deal with problems quickly, meaning positive reviews from tenants that allow your business to prosper.

For more information on the role both the tenant and landlord play in boiler upkeep, check out our dedicated guide.