A new boiler for less than the cost of a mobile phone?

In these modern times of social media and technology it is pretty fair to say that everyone needs a mobile phone and most people depend on their phone for a lot of things, such as communicating, shopping and banking.

And so it is the case with a boiler, it is fair to say that in the UK everyone needs a boiler, most people depend on it to heat their house and provide them with hot water whenever they need it.

Ask yourself this, what is more expensive a new mobile phone or a new boiler?

In a recent poll it was revealed that the average Brit now pays around £36.00 per month on a 24-36 month contract for their mobile phone with some bills regularly reaching £80-100 depending on date usage etc. In addition to this phones usually only carry a 12 month warranty, after that it is necessary to take an insurance of around £6-10 per month to cover repairs or loss meaning you could be regularly paying £40-50 per month on an on-going basis for a mobile phone. What is more, you will never stop paying for a phone, as soon as one contract ends we rush out to buy the latest phone and sign a new contact so the monthly phone payment is there forever!! But we use our phone every day so that is fine.

Now ask yourself this, do you use your boiler every day…….the answer is yes! We shower and heat our homes, but when you think of buying a new boiler you think of thousands of pounds worth of cost that you can’t afford and hassle finding a reputable company to fit it.

That is where Boiler Plan fits in, a reliable, tidy and affordable company, have a look at our finance plans.

You get a brand new boiler in your home, your full heating system is flushed, a magnetic sludge filter is fitted, new thermostatic radiator valves and the latest digital room thermostats to keep you toasty warm and all for just £34.95 per month on a 7 year contract, or take it over 1, 2, 3 or 4 years with Interest Free Credit!

What’s more, you will get full boiler cover for the entire contract and after the contract ends you will still have a perfectly good working boiler without any further payments to make!

Not only do you get a brand new boiler installed, you also save around 30% on your gas bills (source energy saving trust) by fitting one of our high efficiency boilers, which could go towards helping with your mobile phone payment!!

A new boiler really is cheaper than a mobile phone with Boiler Plan UK, Keeping the UK warm!